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2014A family of hyperchaotic multi-scroll attractors in RnArtículoLuis Javier Ortañón García Pimentel; Eric Campos Cantón; Eduardo Jiménez López; Michael Basin7-Feb-2019
2015Hyperchaotic encryption based on multi-scroll piecewise linear systemsArtículoMOISES GARCIA MARTINEZ; Luis Javier Ortañón García Pimentel; Eric Campos Cantón; Sergej Celikovsky7-Feb-2019
2011Signal generator based on a chaotic circuitArtículoIsaac Campos Cantón; Eric Campos Cantón6-Feb-2019
2015A polynomial approach for generating a monoparametric family of chaotic attractors via switched linear systemsArtículoBALTAZAR AGUIRRE HERNANDEZ; Eric Campos Cantón; JORGE ANTONIO LOPEZ RENTERIA; EDGAR CRISTIAN DIAZ GONZALEZ12-Feb-2019
2018On multistability behavior of unstable dissipative systemsArtículoANDRES ANZO HERNANDEZ; Héctor Eduardo Gilardi Velázquez; Eric Campos Cantón12-Feb-2019
2019Itinerary synchronization between PWL systems coupled with unidirectional linksArtículoANDRES ANZO HERNANDEZ; Eric Campos Cantón; matthew nicol13-Feb-2019
2013Multivalued synchronization by Poincar couplingArtículoLuis Javier Ortañón García Pimentel; Eric Campos Cantón; Alejandro Ricardo Femat Flores; Isaac Campos Cantón; MARCIAL BONILLA MARIN13-Feb-2019
2011A family of multimodal dynamic mapsArtículoEric Campos Cantón; Alejandro Ricardo Femat Flores; Alexander Pisarchik13-Feb-2019
2014Chua´s circuit and its characterization as a filterArtículoIsaac Campos Cantón; OSCAR AUGUSTO SEGURA CISNEROS; RAEL EDUARDO BALDERAS NAVARRO; Eric Campos Cantón14-Feb-2019
2017Multistability in piecewise linear systems versus eigenspectra variation and round functionArtículoHéctor Eduardo Gilardi Velázquez; Luis Javier Ortañón García Pimentel; Diana Graciela Hurtado Rodríguez; Eric Campos Cantón25-Feb-2019